Michigan African American Leadership Summit

"Offering Concrete Solutions to Complex Problems"

19 Basic Rules for Black Unity, Survival, and Progress

1.     Support Black religious and non-religious institutions, Community-Based Organizations, and Activists who are consistently
addressing community issues.  

2.     Support Black businesses, create Black micro-economic enterprises; make donations to Black causes.

3.     Support Black family and community life; establish better Black male/female relations; assist Black youth and protect Black

4.     Support positive independent Black media; challenge negative media. Be informed and inform – “each one teach one.”

5.     Stop Black-on-Black violence; oppose crime, drugs, and exploitation of Black communities.

6.     Be concerned about the plight of Blacks in prison; create and support prison outreach programs and re-entry efforts.

7.     Oppose unjust wars, oppression, racism, discrimination, gentrification; demand civil and human rights.

8.     Oppose and organize against police profiling, harassment, and brutality.

9.     Register to vote and hold elected officials accountable; but more important than voting is to participate in building strong
self-determined Black community institutions.

10.   Get involved in local school issues; create community-based alternative educational learning centers.

11.   Secure and defend Black communities; have pride in Black neighborhoods; advocate for Black interests.

12.   Organize block-clubs and mutual-aid networks; promote principled and operational Black Unity.

13.   Have regular open community forums; discuss and debate critical social economic issues; offer constructive criticism.

14.   Oppose self-serving agendas, divisiveness, dis-unity; don't spread gossip, and control jealousy.

15.   Participate in community affairs; become a volunteer or mentor.

16.   Promote health awareness; exercise and eat nutritiously.

17.   Be concerned about environmental issues; don't litter.

18.   Practice the 3 R’s of Respect, Responsibility, and Righteousness.

19.   Observe Black History Month, Juneteenth, Black August, the Day of Atonement (Million Man March), Kwanzaa, and other
significant Black Days of Remembrance.